Robbed during daylight!

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Last Saturday between 4PM and 8PM, my boyfriend and I were enjoying our last day together in Kraków, Poland. (Where he’s living at the moment, for studies).

We went for a walk, and ended up at a cozy café and later finished of at a very good restaurant. (I can highly recommend, to eat at “Fabryka Pizzy”) ??

As we returned to my boyfriends rented apartment at 8PM, everything seemed normal. However we quickly realized, that something was wrong!

My MacBook Air 13,3″ and 2.000 zł had gone missing!

To make everything even worst, I had an examination on Monday, and as I lost my MacBook, I lost everything that I had prepared! ?

I hardly used my Mac, since I bought it in 2012 – but loosing it still feels like loosing my life from 2012 till today. I lost all pictures and all memories on it.

The thought about someone breaking in, and walking around ones “home” when you are not there – it’s horrible!

I hope that they will catch the guy and all other thifts out there! ?

Have you ever been robbed? How did it end? Did you get your things back, and did they catch the guilty guy?



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Welcome to my blog!

Let’s get right to it! Welcome to my life.

I’m nothing special – and yet, I’m unique. That’s actually something that all of us should be proud to say! Unfortunately it’s something that I guess almost all of us, forget every now and then.

If you feel like following someone who’s just like you – at least at some points, then I think that you are gonna like this blog!

The first post I’m making, will be some kind of introduction into this new blog. Please remember, that this is a whole new world for me. I have so many things I wanna share, but I will do my best, to keep the post readable.

Ready, set, go!